Wheel and Brake Maintenance/ Repair/ Overhaul (MRO)

Assembly of landing gear equipments

Outfit Equipments manufacturing

Wheel and Brake MRO

MAZERES AERO EQUIPMENT, certified PART 145, leads the activities of maintenance of aircraft wheels and brakes for some 1st class maintenance centres.

Our repairing workshop

Fully equipped which allows us to be self-sufficient enough to provide a quick response to our customers, in particular in case of AOG (Airplane On Ground). We also have 3 NDT (Non Destructive Test) machines of level 2 using the methods of Penetrant and Eddy current.

We repair all kinds of wheels and brakes, including the A380’s for which we provided the support during the certification campaigns on the account of AIRBUS.

Production means:

  • disassembling machine for tyres
  • stripping machine
  • painting workshop
  • inflating station
  • scanwheel
  • Penetrant and Eddy current chain
  • hydraulic test bench (capacity up to 6000 psi)
  • riveting machine
  • spring test machine

Storage capacity for tyres:

600 m²

Landing gear equipments assembly

MAZERES AERO EQUIPMENT receives, registers and assembles landing gear equipments for AIRBUS account.

The achieved works consist in:

  • assembly of tyres on the wheels for all the AIRBUS range
  • assembly of the axis equipments on the A330/A340 gears which provide the transmission of information regarding the temperature, speed and pressure of the wheels
  • electric connections and assembly of the lights on the landing gears
  • assembly of the wheels, brakes, ventilation engines and wheel covers on the line
  • electric insulation and conductivity test


MAZERES AERO EQUIPMENT also provides the technical support for the wheels and brakes on the account of AIRBUS and on the account of some manufacturers such as MEGGIT, HONEYWELL and GOODRICH.

Technical and logistic means:

  • wheels and brakes assembling chain
  • landing gear assembly jigs
  • a 10-ton rolling bridge for the handling of gears
  • transportation trucks specific to the wheel and brake transportation
  • a truck equipped with a crane for the transportation of gears
  • SAP R3 stations

Manufacturing of Outfit Equipments

MAZERES AERO EQUIPMENT, also certified PART 21, manufactures and markets outfit equipments for all the AIRBUS range of aircrafts, including the A380 (static probe blanking device, static ports, Pitot probe cover, incidence probe cover, temperature probe cover…).

We have the capacity to create these tools according to a plan or a reference of these equipments.




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